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  • 6 New Gadgets You Should Be Aware of

    While some gadgets seem to just further complicate your life, these latest and greatest tech devices are promised to make things easier than ever! From wire-free headphones (finally!), to increased storage on small phones, and even an umbrella that saves you from getting soaked, these could be th... View Post
  • 5 Tips for Surviving a Long Flight

    If short flights can be annoying and boring, long flights can be uncomfortable and absolutely mind-numbing. Travel doesn’t have to be torturous; here are our top 5 hacks to make your next long flight bearable. 1. Pack a SnackYep; it sounds very grade school. However, when you’re facing down an ho... View Post
  • How To Dress for Your Body Type

    Do you often skim through fashion magazines to find out current trends? BUT, only to find out that it looks outrageous on your body type! No matter what you have read, there is no one cookie-cutter approach to fashion and style. The rule of thumb is: Anything that makes you feel and look good is ... View Post


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