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GKL's (Girls Knock Life) mission is to provide women with a judgement free resource that will help make their lives less stressful by providing tips, tricks, ideas and support for their mind, body and spirit at work, at home or at play!  Being a woman in society today is having to measure up and deal with social pressure, kids, and keeping up with work demands.  Girls Knock Life provides a place which keeps women in tune with tips and hints that can make these stressors a little more bearable.


Women who are stepping out of the box, facing their fears, surpassing expectations, changing the world and making their dreams come true


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General Dentistry

We are proud to offer a wide range of dental services for our adult and pediatric patients: from preventative care to orthodontics to surgery to cosmetic dentistry. Here, you’ll find a list of our dental specialties, surgical specialties, and patient services. Click on a service to learn more.


Superfood is actually a marketing term describing mostly plant-based foods which are nutritionally dense and very good for one’s health.  The usage of the term...

Nurturing Resilience in Your Life

Water is fluid, soft and yielding. But water will wear away rock which is rigid and can not yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid,...

Encouraging Leadership Over Management

Often the management of businesses and groups are based on a set of standards that evolve very slowly to cope with the ever-changing cultures, wants,...